Hey! Your personal strategy call with Praveen Gethsemane is now confirmed. Here is what you need to do before jumping on the call.

1. This is a just Strategy Call

this is just a strategy call and I am not going to pitch you or force you for any sales, I just want to learn about your business and help you to build a successful website that will help you to grow and scale your business. Also, I to see if we both can work together and build a healthy relationship.

2. Save the date and time of the call (really important)!

Save the date and time of this call by going to your email and checking the details. We will dedicate an hour towards helping you and would appreciate it that you show up on time.

3. Make sure you have checked my Work

Please make sure you have checked my previous design and ready to use demo designs here, also see what my clients say about my service. 

Looking forward to our meeting.

Praveen Gethsemane

Praveen C Gethsemane